After Hours

Mayanot asks that all participants have a phone that works in Israel. If however, you are struggling to reach a participant on their private number and need to reach them in an emergency, you can find a list of staff phones for each group in the country below. Please be aware of the time seven hour time difference (Israel is seven hours ahead of EST) and only call these numbers in an emergency.

MY-37-68 Jared Schwartz +972-53-529-0418 
 MY-37-72 Bella Polley +972-53-713-5584
MY-37-71 Yekusiel Lipskier +972-53-528-9907
MY-37-28 Yoel Sebbag +972-58-660-3166
MY-37-249 Yoel Sebbag +972-58-660-3166 
MY-37-70 Michelle Werde +972-53-242-8610
MY-37-130 Michelle Glazer +972-53-527-6046
MY-37-134 Alexa Katz +972-53-242-0361
MY-37-133 Ashley Finkel +972-53-823-6671
MY-37-134 Ella Rapoport +972-53-241-8781
MY-37-265 Jake Teich +972-53-713-2254
MY-37-297 Rivka Bogomilsky +972-53-222-9283
MY-37-33 Menachem Schmukler +972-53-431-6272
MY-37-494 Sonia Denebeim +972-54-813-9151
MY-37-460 Estee Rebibo +972-53-823-5870
MY-37-135 Madison Efthimiades +972-53-528-6416
MY-37-136 Jordana Balsam +972-53-224-0851
MY-37-137 Shira Gelfand +972-53-527-7316
MY-37-194 Carolyn Chapler +972-53-259-3589
MY-37-195 Chana Fine +972-53-229-5346
MY-37-66 Talia Borofsky +972-53-426-4380
MY-37-193 Yaakov Citrin +972-53-244-7959