After Hours

Mayanot asks that all participants have a phone that works in Israel. If however, you are struggling to reach a participant on their private number and need to reach them in an emergency, you can find a list of staff phones for each group in the country below. Please be aware of the time seven hour time difference (Israel is seven hours ahead of EST) and only call these numbers in an emergency.
MY-36-215 Rabbi D +972-58-425-6501
MY-36-221 Avrohom Yarmush +972-53-824-1153
MY-36-222 Chaya Sapper +972-53-244-5412
MY-36-177 Josh Grinberg +972-53-426-4412
MY-36-223 Freida Kehaty +972-53-713-2214
MY-36-905 Levi Green +972-53-259-3589