Refer a Friend

You will earn $35 for every friend you refer who signs up for Mayanot Israel!!


All you need to do is put their name and phone number below, and we’ll reach out to them. Of course, you can also help by getting them pumped for an experience of a lifetime – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the falafel, camels, jeep rides, and more…


(See below form for more details)


Details of the Offer:


This offer is exclusive to the upcoming Birthright Israel trips with Mayanot for Winter ’18 – ’19.


Referrals for this reward must be aged between 18-32.


Your referrals must register and fully complete their application, including refundable deposit between September 16th and October 7th 2018.


The payment will be made via PayPal within about 2 weeks of your referral completing their application. To expedite the process encourage your friend to put your name on their application for us to cross reference. If they forget, we’ll pay the first person who referred the applicant via the timestamp of this form. Only one referrer will be paid per applicant.


The offer is valid until October 7th 2018.