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We are Mayanot

Thousands of people choose MAYANOT for their Birthright Israel trip each year for good reasons. We spare no expense to give you the experience of a lifetime! We are all about creating memories.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"Israel is beautiful and I'm so glad I got this once in a lifetime opportunity. I really discovered myself."
"Mayanot gifts us with powerful experiences that will be remembered as major life events."
"Mayanot was, hands down, best trip of my life!"
"In 10 days I bonded with about 40 other Jewish young adults and made friends that will last a lifetime."
"It was an amazing experience that changed my life. I am so happy that I went on this trip and I want to encourage others to go."
"Mayanot truly allowed me to get in touch with a spiritual side of me that I did not know was there."
"This trip explored spirituality, education, and Israeli culture. I feel very grateful for this experience."
"Mayanot is the trip everyone should take."
"It was incredible, exciting, eye-opening, inspiring, and awakening."
"Birthright Israel: MAYANOT is a wonderful gift that every person who is able should sign up for."
"It was just as amazing as everyone said it would be, and I can't wait to return to Israel one day."
"Mayanot was a great experience. From hiking high to swimming low and meeting real Israelis, a connection is definitely formed with both the people and country."
"We went from strangers to best friends in 10 days, and from arriving in a foreign country, to leaving feeling as if you are leaving home."
"Within 10 days I saw more of Israel then I could have imagined possible. We got to hike, see villages and cities, meet locals, explore history, and re-meet ourselves."
"I had the most incredible experience while on Mayanot! From making great and lifelong friendships with everyone on my trip to seeing the most beautiful and fascinating sites in the world."
"My Mayanot trip was such an amazing experience in an incredible place. We are so lucky to have this opportunity and no one should miss it!"
"Words will never be able to accurately describe my experience on Birthright Israel with Mayanot, but nevertheless, going on this trip changed my life for the better."
"Everyone is accepting and as my Israeli group leader said, "You are all my brothers and my sisters"."
"The most incredible, mind blowing, and eye opening place I have ever been in my entire life."
"Excellent trip. Excellent people. More than I would have ever hoped for going in. And jealous of everyone who will get to experience it in the future."