We at Mayanot understand that applicants and their families may be concerned about the ever changing security situation in Israel. The safety and security of our participants is and has always been our number one priority.

Updated May 10th, 2023

As you may have seen in the news, there has been an escalation of hostilities in Southern Israel near the Gaza border and security authorities have ordered extended safety measures for residents in the area. Please see below for our ongoing security and safety procedures and precautions.

Here at Mayanot  the safety and well-being of our participants is our first and foremost concern. In addition to the Israeli government’s strict security measures taken to guard public places, we take additional precautions to ensure participant safety. Mayanot has been an accredited provider of Birthright Israel since its beginning, and we strictly follow their safety and security guidelines. We take whatever precautions are necessary, no matter the cost, to ensure the safety of our participants. We do not hesitate to make any and all changes to our itineraries as needed. Please see Birthright Israel’s safety and security guidelines here.


Trip itineraries are approved daily with the “Situation Monitoring Room” administered by the Israel Ministry of Education, and coordinated with the I.D.F., Israel Police and other security authorities.
All groups are accompanied by a GPS tracking system which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that authorities are aware of each group’s location at all times. A group’s itinerary will be changed immediately to reflect any heightened risk or security concerns.
Our trips do not travel to or through Gaza, or East Jerusalem, other than the Jewish Quarter of the Old City (changes are possible when permitted by the security authorities). Throughout each day, itineraries are cleared through the official government authorities who review all educational field trips for Israeli schools and educational institutions.
Trips do not use public transportation and the tour bus companies and drivers used are subject to Birthright Israel’s strict standards. Drivers are instructed to never leave buses unlocked or unattended.
The Birthright Israel: MAYANOT tour is a very full and structured program and Participants stay with their group for the entire duration of the trip and are not allowed to explore or visit with Israelis (family or friends) on their own.
As per Israel government regulation, an armed Israeli security escort and a trained medic accompany every group.
In order to ensure a safe trip for all participants and staff, we strictly enforce Birthright Israel’s alcohol policy.

All participants are instructed to ensure they have with them at all times a cellphone that works in Israel. This is for their own safety and security and so that family and friends can reach participants at any time while in Israel. For more information about Israeli sim cards/phones here.

It’s Safe!

Israel is a safe place. Otherwise, the many different people involved wouldn’t spend all that hard earned money and precious time to bring you there for free! Security precautions in Israel are extensive and we take them very seriously! 

It’s Professional!

All of our security precautions and regulations are executed with the highest levels of precision and thoroughness to ensure that our thousands of participants each year are as safe as can be! Our trained guards are cautious and professional throughout the ten days of the Birthright Israel journey. 

It’s Israel!
The government of Israel, a partner in the Birthright Israel project, is devoted to the safety and security of visitors and citizens alike. Upon arrival at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, all of our participants are given an in-depth safety and security orientation before setting out on their journey. YOU are our number one priority.