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Vision Statement of Mayanot Israel

About Mayanot

Thousands of people choose MAYANOT for their Birthright Israel trip each year for good reasons. We spare no expense to give you an experience of a lifetime! We are all about creating memories.

Israel is a country of contrasts

From bright sunny days to dazzling starry nights; ancient traditions and modern innovations; climbing Masada or white-water rafting down the Jordan River. Only Mayanot Israel helps you appreciate Israel from all angles. With Mayanot, you experience the land in all its beauty, and the mix of people whose many cultures weave into a beautiful tapestry you can’t find anywhere else.

You will enjoy

A high-quality Israel experience in ten activity-packed days, and meet young Israelis and participants from diverse backgrounds. Wherever you’re from, no matter what your background is, you’ll feel at home on a Mayanot Israel trip. Highlights of your Israel experience with Mayanot include: Hiking Masada, Floating in the Dead Sea, Shabbat at the Western Wall and much more!

The name MAYANOT

“Mayanot” means wellsprings – a stream of water that you must dig deeper to discover. At Mayanot, we give you the tools you’ll need to dig a little deeper and discover something new about yourself, your family, your people and your history. We are built upon a love for Israel, the Jewish people, our common history and Jewish tradition. Mayanot draws inspiration from Chabad spirituality.

Mayanot's passionate educators

Each Mayanot trip has a great team of dedicated staff to help make your journey an A++ experience! Our staff are well trained to tailor this experience for you and facilitate discussions where everyone can contribute in their own unique way.

Meet Our Team