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Vision Statement of MAYANOT Israel

Thousands have chosen Mayanot Israel

Thousands of people choose MAYANOT for their Birthright Israel trip each year for good reasons. We spare no expense to give you an experience of a lifetime! We are all about creating memories.

Israel is a country of contrasts
Israel is a country of contrasts

From bright sunny days to dazzling starry nights; ancient traditions and modern innovations; climbing Masada or white-water rafting down the Jordan River. Only Mayanot Israel helps you appreciate Israel from all angles. With Mayanot, you experience the land in all its beauty, and the mix of people whose many cultures weave into a beautiful tapestry you can’t find anywhere else.

You will enjoy
You will enjoy

A high-quality Israel experience in ten activity-packed days, and meet young Israelis and participants from diverse backgrounds. Wherever you’re from, no matter what your background is, you’ll feel at home on a Mayanot Israel trip. Highlights of your Israel experience with Mayanot include: Hiking Masada, Floating in the Dead Sea, Shabbat at the Western Wall and much more!

The name MAYANOT

“Mayanot” means wellsprings – a stream of water that you must dig deeper to discover. At Mayanot, we give you the tools you’ll need to dig a little deeper and discover something new about yourself, your family, your people and your history. We are built upon a love for Israel, the Jewish people, our common history and Jewish tradition. Mayanot draws inspiration from Chabad spirituality.

Guided by Mayanot Israel’s passionate educators
Mayanot's passionate educators

Each Mayanot trip has a great team of dedicated staff to help make your journey an A++ experience! Our staff are well trained to tailor this experience for you and facilitate discussions where everyone can contribute in their own unique way. 

For our campus-based Taglit-Birthright Israel trips
Campus-based Mayanot trips

For our campus-based Birthright Israel trips, we partner with the Chabad on Campus International Foundation through their 100 + centers across the United States. Click the button below to find your campus trip.


Maayanot - Who we are
Maayanot - Who we are

Meet Our Team

Danny Sack Director

Danny Sack, originally from South Africa and raised in Sydney, Australia, is the Director of Mayanot's Birthright Israel Division. Danny has been in Israel for 16 years and enjoys snowboarding, surfing, rock climbing and other outdoor activities. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and four children.

Sam Griffin Director of Marketing

Sam was born and raised in the suburbs of London, UK. After having spent a year or two on the Island of Cyprus learning to paint, he made his way over to Israel in early 2010. His journey over the past seven years has seen him working on a kibbutz, learning at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, serving in the IDF Infantry, and taking up painting again at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Sam joined the team in November 2017, and lives in Jerusalem with his wife Rachel and their son Elijah.

Rachel Urison Director of Education

Rachel Urison, originally from South Africa, serves as Mayanot's Director of Education, always striving to bring our participants to the very best Birthright Israel has to offer! She has called Israel her home since 2002. During her free time, she enjoys doing nothing.. because she has no free time. Besides being an expert at all things, Mayanot Rachel is a special effects makeup artist, lover of classic rock and mother to Milo her doggo.

Carmen Echevarria Trip Coordinator

Carmen is originally from Colorado. She came to Israel on a Birthright trip and was hooked! She now lives in the Shuk- where she likes to sneak up on visiting groups to say hi. Carmen enjoys bringing participants to Israel to give them the chance to fall in love with the country just as she did.

Laurie Tamres Office Manager/ Project Coordinator

Laurie Tamres made Aliyah from Boca Raton, FL. in 2010. She loves living out her dream in Jerusalem with all the history, culture and nightlife. She loves to laugh, live life to the fullest and you can usually find her out on Thursday night listening to live music with her husband, Avi. Laurie joined the Mayanot Team in August 2017 as a part-time staff and started in her current position in January 2018.

Esther Charnowitz Eligibility Coordinator

Esther Charnowitz, originally from New York, serves as Mayanot's eligibility coordinator. She works tirelessly on a daily basis to help bring as many people as possible to Israel. Esther made Aliyah in 2012 after falling in love with the land. She loves photography, music and all things in Israel, especially It's food =)

Shoshana Munk Recruitment & Social Media Coordinator

Shoshana Munk moved to Israel from Stamford, CT in 2017. Shosh is Mayanot's Recruitment & Staffing Coordinator, and all about bringing you and your friends to Israel! When Shosh is not hanging out with Mayanot groups she can be found watching Netflix shows about food, or planning where she wants to travel to next!

Jessica Miller Customer Service Super Agent

Jessica Miller IS Mayanot. Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda Shuk and the Tel Aviv Beach are her fave' places and she absolutely loves anything orange. Especially Mayanot. She loves #Mayanot, #Birthright and trip participants more than she loves herself and really wants YOU to come to Israel for FREE!

Shmulik Israel Logistics Coordinator

Shmulik Israel, Mayanot's Logistics Coordinator, first tasted the Mayanot experience as a young "Madrich" (trip staff) 15 years ago and has been involved ever since! He loves his twice weekly runs through the streets of Jerusalem, and makes sure never to miss his annual ski trip to the Swiss Alps! Shmulik is THE man at Mayanot, making sure your trip runs smoothly, from touchdown to takeoff!

YOU? Be a Mayanot Intern!

Yes YOU! You can be a part of the Mayanot team! Like Social Media? Graphic Design? Creativity and content creation? Let us know! We are always looking for new people to become be Mayanot Interns! Join the family you know you love! #MyInternship for the win!