You ARE eligible if...

You are Jewish…

Birthright Israel identifies an individual as Jewish if:

  • They are recognized as Jewish by the Jewish community or recognized as Jewish by one of the recognized denominations of Judaism.
  • They have at least one Jewish birth parent or have completed Jewish conversion through a recognized Jewish denomination.
You are 18-26…

To be eligible for the Birthright Israel gift you must be aged 18-26 during your trip. (For questions, contact our office.)

  • If you are applying at age 17, you are only eligible for a trip if you turn 18 before your trip departure date.
  • If you are turning 27 after May 5th for the summer trips, or November 30th for the winter trips, you are still eligible for the 22-26 age group
This applies to you:
  • Must have graduated high school.
  • Have not studied in Israel after the age of 12.
  • Have not lived in Israel after the age of 12.
  • Have not served in the Israeli Army or volunteered on an Israeli Army base.
  • Must have a current US address (be a resident/citizen/full time student in the US).
  • Must not have been in Israel for any consecutive three-month period after the age of 12. 
You are not currently:
  • Registered in a Jewish Studies program in any institute of higher learning such as a Jewish Teacher Training program, Jewish Studies program, Rabbinic program, Yeshiva/Seminary, Jewish Communal Service program, etc. 
  • Studying other tracks in a Jewish institute would not disqualify you. 
You are NOT eligible if:

You have been to Israel on a peer, educational program since turning 18 (or since your graduation from high school), you are you unfortunately not eligible for the Birthright Israel gift. (This includes any study programs like gap year or yeshiva/seminary, and/or any other Masa Israel program or experience.) Please see Birthright Israel’s eligibility page or the Mayanot trip waiver if you’d like more clarification.

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