Taglit-Birthright Israel's unique opportunity to stand with the people of Israel during these difficult times.

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Join The Bnei Akiva Volunteer Program today!

Volunteering options :
  • Take part in food rescue operations to prevent shortages in the Israeli market.
  • Sort, pack and distribute goods for civil and military personnel.
  • Work with Israeli people in different sectors to ensure continued workflow across the country
  • Bring joy and hope to soldiers and others in Israeli Hospitals
What’s included :
  • Flight reimbursement of $500-$900
  • $100 A week partial food subsidy
  • Accommodation in Jerusalem with safe rooms
  • Transportation from and to the airport
  • Volunteer placement
  • Work hours: 4-6 hours per day
  • Organized transportation to volunteer sites
  • Educational/ Social program
  • Meeting with Israeli peers
  • Support Staff
What’s not included :
  • Flight ticket to and from Israel
  • Meals
  • Travel insurance
Eligibility Criteria :
  • Applicants between 18-40 years old – regardless of previous Israel Program experience
  • Preference to those who have already participated in Israel programs
  • Identify as Jewish
  • Basic knowledge of English (unless otherwise noted in the program description)
  • Have a valid Passport (valid for at least 6 months after the program end date)
  • Current Student
  • Preference for those involved in their local Chabad on Campus

** Participation in this program does not affect future eligibility for Birthright Israel programs **

Application Process :
  • Submit your application & choose your program dates
  • Schedule your interview
  • If accepted, receive an official acceptance email and pay $50 USD registration fee (non-refundable)
  • Upload additional documents (e.g. passport, medical form)
  • Book your flight & purchase travel insurance
  • Pack your bags to come volunteer in Israel!
Program Dates*
Base City
14 Days
July 30th - Aug 12th
Flight  Subsidy:
These amounts are determined by the original country of departure as stated on ticket for direct or connecting flights with less than a 24 hour layover only.

Arrange your own flight and get reimbursed as follows:

  • North America, Asia & FSU: Up too $700 USD
  • Europe: Up ro $500 USD (excluding FSU)
  • Latin America (South America & Central America), & Australia up too $900 USD
The level of the reimbursement cannot surpass the cost of the ticket. You will need to present plane tickets and proof of purchase to the program organizer in order to receive your refund. Refunds will be carried out approximately 6 weeks following program completion. An additional EL AL exclusive offer for volunteers can be used in parallel, although availability of the EL AL offer is limited (code is available after you complete your application). Reimbursements are available for flights starting February 26.
Please Note  that all volunteer options are subject to change due to changing civil, social & security needs, regulations, and restrictions.

Taglit-Birthright Israel's unique opportunity to stand with the people of Israel during these difficult times.