recruiter guidelines

Thank you for your interest in recruiting for Mayanot. We’re glad to have you aboard! Below you can see more information about our recruitment program and what the benefits are for you. Before applying as a recruiter, please read everything below. 




What is a recruit?



  • Applicant with completed application including deposit who has entered your recruiter code.

  • Recruiter code must be entered on the Birthright Israel application, as shown here (click), and changes are not likely to be made once an application has been.

  • Recruit must have an active application, with a relevant trip choice, in the Mayanot database for the season you are recruiting for. You’ll be issued reports throughout the process so you can keep track. 




What’s in it for you?



  • OPTION ONE: If you recruit ten (YES, JUST TEN!) or more eligible recruits (as defined above) for one session of a Birthright Israel: MAYANOT trip, you can qualify for a free trip back to Israel! (See staffing requirements below.)

  • OPTION TWO: If you recruit five eligible recruits (as defined above) you will earn you $125! You can continue earning $25 for each new recruit with a deposit, up to 30 recruits.

  • PLEASE NOTE: These two tracks are mutually exclusive. You can either choose to accept the monetary reward, OR become a staff member for a Mayanot Birthright trip, if found eligible and suitable to lead a group.




 Who is eligible to staff a trip?



If you get ten or more recruits for one session of Mayanot Israel and are interested, you will be considered to staff a trip. (This consideration is based on a scale of quantity, meaning your total number of recruits will be measured against the totals of other recruiters.) Additionally, you must meet Birthright Israel’s staffing requirements. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Must be 21+ years of age on your departure date.

  • Must have proven, prior Israel experience. Simply going on a Birthright trip previously does not automatically make one eligible to be a staff member. Prior leadership and staffing responsibilities are a plus. Additionally, having held leadership positions in youth or campus organizations and/or proven experience in working with youth or young adults from abroad are beneficial to staffing. 

  • Demonstrate core Jewish literacy and at least average knowledge of Israel.


Given that there are limited staff spots available it’s also in your best interest to recruit as many recruits as early as possible to help ensure that you are offered a staff spot. Priority will be given to those with the most recruits. Recruiters who choose to staff a trip will forfeit the monetary incentive.


Mayanot has existing partnerships with many College campuses which may result in pre-arranged staff spots, or even additional staffing spots, as well as slightly altered variations of our recruiter program. If you’re recruiting at a campus be sure to clarify the situation there with our recruitment coordinator via email at




The small print



Staffing positions and monetary reward will only be paid out if the following requirements are met:

  • In order to staff, you must meet Birthright Israel and Mayanot’s staffing requirements, as described above. You will need to fill out an application and conduct a phone interview with our staffing coordinator.
  • Only applicants that are eligible according to Birthright Israel guidelines, will be considered as recruits.

  • Any applicant who travels with a different Birthright Israel provider, or switches their application to another provider, will not be counted as a recruit.

  • All recruits must submit their refundable deposit at least 20 days before departure of the first Mayanot trip of the season (departure dates can be seen here). In Season 45 – Winter ’21-’22, the first departure is on December 1, 2021 so deposits must be in by November 11, 2021. In Season 46 – Summer 2022, the first departure is on May 1, 2022 so deposits must be in by April 11, 2022. 

  • Applicants must submit your recruiter code (that you will choose when applying to be a recruiter) in the “Referred By” field (see here) on the Birthright Israel application to be considered as your recruit. You or them informing us via email or call will not credit you as their recruiter. This is your responsibility as their recruiter.

  • Additions or changes to the “Referred By” field on the Birthright Israel application are not possible once the form is submitted.

  • If recruiting on a Chabad partner campus, it is preferable that meet with the official Mayanot representative on campus to discuss recruitment. Please reach out to for an introduction. 
  • In the event that you are offered a position as an American Madrich/a (trip leader) on a Mayanot trip, although we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability, Mayanot does not guarantee that you will travel on the specific date(s) that you request or with the participants you have recruited.

  • The ability to staff offered above is redeemable only for the session you recruited for and (generally) cannot be postponed for a future Birthright Israel: MAYANOT trip. All of your recruits must sign up for the same session. Recruits from past or future sessions will not count toward your final total in the active season.
  • It is NOT Mayanot’s responsibility to offer a trip to every recruiter with ten or more recruits. It IS Mayanot’s responsibility to award these staff spots based on total number of recruits, until all recruiter staffing spots are filled.

  • If recruiting on a Chabad partner campus, the Chabad Rabbi on campus may require additional/ different qualifications to all mentioned here.
  • Once a staff position is offered, should the recruiter decline the trip offer, Mayanot may choose to offer financial payout, but is not obligated to do so. Mayanot is not required to offer any further options.

  • Although not our intention, Mayanot reserves the right to reject any recruiter for the free trip as staff or prize offers, and to change (including the number of participants one must recruit) or cancel the free trip or prize offers at any given time without prior notice.

  • This is an exclusive Mayanot offer and is not affiliated with Birthright Israel or any other Birthright Israel provider.