Birthright Israel: Mayanot + Friendship Circle Trip Highlight


Mayanot Israel is delighted to be able to offer a brand new Birthright Israel Trip Option with our partners at friendship Circle in Detroit. This special trip designed for individuals with special needs is one of our favorite offerings and provides a uniquely special experience for the attendees, tour guides, staff members and us at Mayanot Israel!


A bit about Friendship Circle:


Friendship Circle of Michigan is a non-profit organization affiliated with Lubavitch of Michigan. Their goal is to provide every individual with special needs the support, friendship and inclusion that they deserve.


A bit about the trip:


We wanted to give families who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to send their kids on a birthright Israel trip the same opportunity that other families have. Our goal was to create a trip where everyone is welcome and can be successful. Mayanot Israel Director, Levi Margolin let us know they were in the process of hiring someone specially trained to interview participants with special needs, in order to learn crucial information about them that will allow them to have a truly outstanding experience  on this once-in-a lifetime trip. 


Friendship Circle has a slightly modified itinerary compared to other trips. We’ll be doing more hands on and structured activities with a little less free time or nighttime activities. There will also be a full-time nurse on staff who knows our clientele and the nature of their needs. The additional staff joining are in-house Friendship Circle staff who have known the participants for many years as well.



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We think the most important and special part about this trip is that it’s authentically inclusive. We will likely have 16 participants with special needs and 4 neuro typical participants all experiencing their birthright trip together. They will experience Israel, Israelis, new places and food as well as the spirituality that comes with the experience. Another special component of this trip is the reality that the families Friendship Circle works with aren’t generally able to offer their kids the same opportunities that other kids their age might have. However, it is our goal with the amazing staff at Friendship Circle to overcome whatever barriers might exist to be able to make it 100% possible.



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