Why Winter is best

We get asked this a lot and it’s an impossible question to answer because the itinerary is the same, we stay in the same hotels, eat the same food, and maintain the same incredible high standard of adventure and comfort. So whether you pick a departure date for your free 10-day Birthright Israel trip in the Summer or the Winter, it will be equally unforgettable and awesome!

So what are the advantages of a winter Birthright Israel trip?


Summer, When The Temperature in Israel is Somewhere Between OMG & “Shut the Front Door”!!

There is only one word that describes Summer in Israel – hot…  very hot! Most days are somewhere between 86ºF to 104ºF in the day with high humidity in many places. A lot of people really enjoy the heat and the certain knowledge that there is zero possibility of rainy days during their trip. If that’s you, then summer may be your time to visit Israel. But the extreme heat isn’t for everyone and there are some really good reasons to think about a winter Birthright trip:


Winter in Israel isn’t usually too cold (except in the mountains) so you can expect to enjoy mild temperatures in the mid 60s during the day in Tel Aviv.  The average rainfall in the winter months is around 7 to 10 days per month.


The advantages of the winter season are the cooler temperatures which make outdoor experiences like our hikes through desert canyons and northern forests, a lot more comfortable. The risk of dehydrating and developing nasty sunburns are far lower and you probably won’t get back on the bus sweating like a walrus in a deep fat fryer! 

One of the sources of the Jordan River - Review of Banias Nature Reserve,  Golan Heights, Middle East - Tripadvisor

Israel is an incredibly beautiful & varied country and never more so than in winter – In the summer the grass and much of the plant life dries to a uniform straw tone, but in winter the country is full of color with green fields and the reds, and blues bloom of flowers. In the north the rivers that are mostly dry all summer become fast flowing from the rain and spectacular waterfalls appear on Birthright hiking routes. And although the sea might get a bit chilly, Israel’s world famous Mediterranean Beaches are still warm enough to enjoy in short sleeves but usually almost empty of people. And don’t worry – the Tel Aviv nightlife is as vibrant as in the summer. 


So yes, if you come on a Winter Birthright trip you’ll need to pack a sweater or two and carry a coat, but you’ll also need your shades and sun cream. Back on the East Coast it’ll be freezing cold but not in Israel – sure, you might see rain but chances are you won’t & even if you do it won’t last more than a day and it still won’t be that cold. In fact you’d be very unlucky if you didn’t get to enjoy plenty of warm winter sun on your 10-day Birthright adventure in Israel.


If you want to travel to Israel on a free 10-day Birthright trip this winter, then you can start your journey here




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