Allergy Assistance


As your selected trip organizer, Mayanot will do all in its power to ensure a safe and healthy environment that will accommodate your specific needs. However, neither Mayanot nor Birthright can make any promises or assurances regarding the food that is served on the trips. 


How can Mayanot ensure a safe and healthy environment?

  1. We will notify the group staff of your needs.
  2.  If you would like, we can send a letter to each hotel you are staying in, to notify them that you have severe allergies. We will instruct them to try do whatever they can to cater to you, but it is your responsibility to remind your staff as soon as you meet them at the airport about your allergy.
  3. Before each meal, you should go with your staff member to speak with the kitchen or a manager to ask what food you may eat. If for some reason a hotel does not have something you can eat, you should let a staff member know and as soon as possible they will take you to the nearest supermarket for you to buy yourself some food*.
  4. Should you have an allergic reaction G-d forbid, the staff will call an ambulance immediately.  


*I suggest that you bring some snacks that you know you can eat with you in case of such occurrences or emergencies. 


You must speak with your medic and give him/her an extra epi-pen as well.


Again, we definitely do try to help you avoid contact with any harmful allergens but there is no way to guarantee a 100% allergen-free environment during this trip and we make absolutely no assurances and cannot take any responsibility if for some reason you are exposed.


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