Restaurant Spotlight :


Just around the corner from Jerusalem’s bustling Mahane Yehuda market (otherwise known as the Shuk) lies a small family business using their grandmother’s recipe to feed hundreds of hungry people each week. 



Ishtabach – a hebrew word meaning both “Chef”, and “may he be blessed” –  rose to fame because of its Shamborak, a fluffy Kurdish-Syrian pastry with hearty fillings: Syrian kebab, slow-cooked beef, or a vegetable-stuffed vegan version. This is not the only thing that makes this spot so busy; everything is cooked in-house, including the roasted meat soup, brisket, shakshuka and more. The clay oven, known as the tabun, seals the deal, giving everything that comes out of it the authentic taste of the Middle East. 


When on your Mayanot: Birthright Israel trip this Winter, be sure to go off the beaten track to visit this spot that locals love so much! 



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– Sam