Birthright Israel Eligibility Extended


Older participants on a Birthright Israel trip


In 2018,  Birthright Israel extended it’s eligibility age from 26 to 32 yrs, allowing a wider demographic to come and experience a free 10 day adventure in Israel.


According to Birthright, the maximum eligible age reflects changing societal trends with young adults making life decisions – such as getting married and having children – later in life. They made this change to enable more Jewish young adults to develop connections with their heritage, the larger diaspora community and the State of Israel.


Birthright Israel participants enjoy a bonfire in the Galilee region



Back in the Summer of 2018 Mayanot ran two buses of 27-32 yr olds.

“We weren’t sure what to expect”, said Jessica, part of the trip-coordinating team,”All of the applicants we’d had for these trips were from completely different backgrounds, at totally different stages in their lives. Some religious, some non-religious, some were parents, and some were soon to be married. Some were running very successful businesses. We wondered how the trip would impact them. Turns out they had an incredible time – they enjoyed floating in the Dead Sea and exploring Tel Aviv just like anyone else! But more than that, given their maturity, they were able to really appreciate Israel, ask deeper questions and soak up everything it has to offer”.


A Birthright Israel participant prays at the Western Wall

Since then Mayanot has brought many more Birthright groups where the participants were aged 27-32, which has been really exciting for us. This is enabling us to help ensure that no one should have to miss out on the Israel experience! These groups experience the full Birthright program, traveling with a bus full of their peers and creating memories they carry with them for ever.


So if you are 32 or under, eligible for Birthright but for reasons which may range from work to Covid you haven’t managed to travel yet , then head over to right now and book your free 10 day Birthright Israel adventure.


We can’t wait to welcome you to Israel!









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