26 Things That Inevitably Happened to You on Your Birthright Trip

PSA: Get ready for all the flashbacks….

  1. As soon as you walked off the plane, you felt like you were home.

    Achim, achim, achim, achim, achim! Simcha, simcha, simcha, simcha, simcha!

2. You learned very quickly that your name tags were your lifeline and went with every outfit you brought.

Orange is the new black….

3. After tasting Israeli hummus, you realized Sabra just does. Not. Compare.

Once you try REAL hummus, nothing will ever be the same.

4. After just Day One, you understood why Israel is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Breathtaking views are EVERYWHERE!


5. Your diet for ten days was 99% tomatoes, cucumbers, shawarma and falafel.

It’s all so good anyway, so you don’t mind living off of it.


6. You came to the conclusion that the rabbi on your trip was probably the coolest rabbi you will ever meet.

Bout to lay down some knowledge


7. Forget Waze, Krav Maga, cherry tomatoes and USB drives; you decided the greatest invention Israel ever came up with was chocolate milk in a bag.

“I’m in love with the shoko….”


8. You actually began to look forward to the “Bo bo bo boker tov” song every morning on the bus.



9. When you went to Tzfat, you wondered if it was the high altitude or something else that made everyone so zen.

Because Tzfat is aweeesomeeee.


10. You always wanted to kill that person who forgot their number in the count off because it was ALWAYS. THE. SAME. PERSON!

You know which one…..


11. You prayed for your life every time your bus driver made a crazy “K” turn on the side of a mountain.

Makes you wonder what they did before becoming your bus driver….


12. The bus decision was unanimous: Aroma > Starbucks/Dunkin’

Nothing beats an Aroma coffee after a long day of activities


13. Despite not shaving for the three days prior, you still felt the burn of the Dead Sea!

That memory still ~stings~


14. You hiked/walked over 10,000 steps every day….all before noon.

Yea, cardio!!!!


15. You created a special bond with your camel in the 20 minutes you spent together.

Or not


16. The Kotel made you feel things you had never felt before.



17. You slept more on the bus than you did in your hotels.

And got an awkward photo taken of you doing so.


18. The amount of cats you saw on your trip outnumbered the actual amount of people you encountered.

They are tiny little ninjas, sneaking around every corner.


19. You had back problems from schlepping around all your shekel coins.

Mad shekels to blow….


20. The overwhelming smell of spices, baked goods, meat and fruit in the shuk was the most amazing sensual experience you ever had.

You also felt like you were in the marketplace in “Aladdin.”


21. You fell in love with every Israeli soldier you saw.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these guys??


22. You fell in love with the land.

Land of milk and honey, indeed.


23. You fell in love with the people.

Everyone is your friend in Israel.


24. You became a part of a 48 member family in just ten short days.

“I’ll never let go…”


25. You may have even fallen in love with your future husband/wife!

Mazal tov to just one pair of our Mayanot alumni who met on their Birthright trip 🙂


26. No matter what, you left a piece of your heart in Israel and you can’t wait to come back!

Arrive in Israel as strangers, leave as brothers.


Haven’t had any of these feelings yet? Experience it for yourself! Sign up for Birthright Israel with Mayanot at https://mayanotisrael.com/


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