57 thoughts everyone has on Taglit Birthright Israel

There is no way we can ever really manage to sum up a Taglit-Birthright trip in a single list. Oh well. At least we tried.

Photo by: Aaron Mehrban

1)We’re finally there. I must stretch #NoLegRoom
2) MMMM the air even smells like Israel
3) What do you mean the bus has no bathroom?
4) I would’ve gone to the bathroom in the airport!
5) How long did you say the drive was again?
6) I’m never going to make it. #FML

Photo by: Alex Lass

7) Is this Caesarea?! Its beautiful
8) Im at a beach — I must take pictures
9) Jump in the air and smile. 
10) 1, 2, 3
11) I look horrible, take it again.
12) I think I have a picture of literally every grain of sand.
13) Yo, I think our tour guide knows everything, bro!

14) Food, I need food.
15) We haven’t eaten in hours.
16) Felafel.
17) Felafal and Hummus.
18) Felafal or hummus?
19) Shwarma or Felafal?
20) Felafal?
21) Where can I find Felafel?
22) Holy crap, this is the best food ever!
23) Calories don’t count in Israel if i can’t read the label, right?
24) Welp. I’m going to have another.

Photo by: Eric Weiss

25) Whoa, is it really 3:00 AM?, I should go to bed. 
26) But, But, We’re all still getting to know each other.
27) I think I’m in love with all 40 of them
28) What do you mean I have to wake up at 4:15 am to hike up Masada?
29) Sababa.

Photo by: Chava Backman

30) My legs hurt from yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. 
31) This view is AMAZING. 
32) I should do yoga.
33) Yes, a handstand should do it
34) Let me Instagram a photo or seven. 

Photo by: Chava Backman

36) Are we going on a water hike?
37) I better dress prepared.
38) Flip flops and a bathing suit should do it.
39) Wait, It’s in the old city of Jerusalem? 
40) Oh well, bathing suit it is. Why not? 🙂

41) Partying in Tel Aviv? I got this.
42) I should definitely get up and dance on the bar top.
43) Yalla!

44) Jerusalem is amazing. #Winning
45) The Kotel. Just wow.
46) Thats it. I don’t know else to describe it.

47) I can’t believe how fast time flies
48) Do I really have to go home?
49) Should I extend my trip?
50) Yea, I am going to extend my trip.

Photo by: Eric Weiss

51) I feel like I know you all, like, forever. You know?
52) This can’t be over. It can’t be. I don’t let. 
53) I’m gonna miss everyone SO much.
54) Thank god for Facebook.
55) It’s over. 🙁 I’m going to go cry.
56) That was the best damn trip of my life.
57) Ooooo, let’s plan a reunion. Lake Tahoe?

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