How to best Shuk-It

Ahh, Machaneh Yehuda, Jerusalem’s amazing outdoor market. The Shuk (as it is more commonly referred to) is a Jerusalem institution. It is a place to be seen, a place to go to hear the sounds of Jerusalem, a place to buy amazing produce, special artwork and rare spices alike. It is a place filled with wonderful restaurants and cute bars. Here are some of Mayanot‘s favorite things about the Shuk. Just remember, this isn’t your farmers’ market back home.


1. Rugelach from Marzipan

These are a big deal. They are super-famous (almost cultish), and for good reason. They are doughy and bursting with either chocolate or cinnamon. Bring some home for your friends and family—they will be eternally grateful.


2. The Shuk’s Version of Fast Food

Get your grub on at the Shuk at one of the many great places. We love curry-coconut noodles from Pasta Basta. If you are short on time, grab them to go in one of their lovely takeaway containers. Affordable, delicious, fresh—a done deal, in our book. Another great option: kubbeh soup from Mordoch (70 Agrippas St).

3. On That Note… Fancy, Loose Leaf Tea

Our current obsession is verbena, but you can find anything! Another great blend, inspired by Jerusalem’s Moroccan restaurant, Darna, is fresh mint + loose green tea. The possibilities are endless. Buy some and enjoy stateside whenever you get nostalgic for your Mayanot trip.


4. Rice Toppers, Ranging From Savory to Salty to Sweet to Spicy
Find these at spice stores and add some Israeli pizzazz to your meals.


5. All-Natural Almond Butter

This stuff is good and probably healthy. Find it in some of the Shuk’s nut stores.


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