Twenty-Four Marvelous Mayanot Meals :
#EatingForTheInsta has never looked better.
*All photos were taken by Mayanot participants/staff.

1. Home is where the hummus is 🙂


2. We’d be smiling, too, if we got to eat authentic shawarma in Tel Aviv!


3. Strawberry fields forever!

4. Israel stole a pizza our heart


5. Nothing beats a Bedouin buffet!


6. When you need a break from all the shawarma and falafel, Rebar will reboot your system.

7. Nothing tastes as good as Israel feels…but the fruit here comes pretty close!


8. This is how you start a meal in Israel!


9. A picture is worth a thousand calories


10. The best way to protect your bagels? Put some lox on it!


11. Gotta carbo-load before the night out in Teveria!


12. The perfect pre-hike breakfast! #Gains 


13. We want that Israeli pan-cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!


14. Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ISRAEL!!!


15. Nothing better than shuk shakshuka!

16. I’m in love with the “shoko!” (chocolate milk in a bag, Israel’s greatest gift to the world).


17. It’s falafel time all the time in Israel!


18. One of the basic Birthright staples: getting an Aroma iced coffee!


19. How sweet it is to be in Israel!


20. The best lachuch in Israel, that’s Tzfat’s up!


21. The best way to recover from your trip on your extension…brunch!

22. One bite and we ‘falafel’ in love with Israel!


23. Getting dirty at the Salad Trail? We couldn’t carrot all because it’s just so good!  

24. We wish we could ‘sabich’ eating this right now.